What was it like to be part of
The Bevica Scholarship Programme 2023-24?

2023-2024 was the first run of the Bevica Scholarship Programme. The participants participated in workshops, online modules and meetings.

On this page you can learn more about the activities that comes with participating in the Bevica Scholarship Programme, and learn more about the winning projects and how the winners are spending their prizes.

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The process

The Bevica Scholarship Programme consist of three phases:

The Ideation phase where you get new knowledge and participate in the workshops in order to form a project idea.

The Creation phase where a selected shortlist works on refining their project, working out where they want to go investigate their problem and preparing their pitch for the award ceremony.

The Investigation phase where the winners travel abroad to gain new knowledge. You can read more about the phases and the requirements here.

Information meetings

Universal Design Hub went to various universities, university colleges and design schools across Denmark during the enrollment period to introduce the Bevica Scholarship Programme.

Our information meetings aimed to engage students and faculty, presenting the practicalities, objectives, and core themes of the programme and encourage lecturers and students to sign up.

Bevica Scholarship Programme 2025-2026 will have informations meetings in late summer and fall of 2024. Dates and places will be annonced on this website. All Danish universities, university colleges and design schools can host a meeting.

Do you want to host an information meeting at your institution? Reach out to marie@bevica.dk.

Two full-day Ideation workshops

Two full-day Ideation workshops took place in Korsør for all participants, one in February and another in March of 2023.

These sessions featured presentations by experts across various disciplines and hands-on workshops to provide an introduction to knowledge and resources. The purpose was for the group to meet each other and get an introduction to the goals and core concepts of the Scholarship programme. The workshops sparked inspiration and idea development through collaboration.

In the video you can get an insight into the Ideation workshops and hear some of the participants’ experiences. 

The workshops for Bevica Scholarship Programme 2025-26 will take place in February and March 2025.


Online learning modules

During the Ideation phase of the programme, participants had the opportunity to learn more about the core themes of the programme.

The online modules consists of an Introduction Package and three online self-study modules. These modules serve as a basic introduction to the core objectives of this year’s Scholarship call to:

  • Develop universal design as a lever to support the pledge to Leave No One Behind through all aspects of our daily lives; products, environments, programmes, and services.
  • Promote an understanding of human beings that includes everyone across different and changing abilities.
  • Strengthen the pledge of the Sustainable Development Goals to Leave No One Behind.
The modules consists of videos, podcast, articles and cases to inspire and inform the participants project proposals.


After all participants submitted their project idea in May 2023, the international jury of experts selected 24 participants to the shortlist. 

The selected projects were from a wide variety of fields such as design, climate justice, engineering, tourism, education, architecture, data science and many more. The 24 shortlisters then entered the Creation phase were they worked on refining their projects.

Two day Creation workshop for the shortlist

During the Creation phase of the programme, the shortlisted participants received written and in-person feedback on their project proposals.

The workshop took place in June and consisted of several different parts. A big part of the programme was spent on individual feedback for all participants. The participants were also pointed towards relevant contact persons and knowledge enviroments for their investigation.

On day two the programme was divided in to two. One was a talk with Peter Lund Madsen, Danish researcher and media personality on reserach dissemination. The next was a pitch workshop hosted by Anders Lammers from Videnskab.dk. The participants had the opportunity to learn about the theory behind a good pitch but also practice in smaller groups.

In between learning and working, there was also time for a swim and a celebratory dinner, as well as talking and networking.

Award ceremony

At a grand award ceremony in October 2023, 19 finalists picthed their projects to the international jury.

The jury and audience were impressed by the ambitious and diverse projects that the 19 finalists presented, and ended up awarding the main prizes to three participants:

Daura Van Vuuren, University of Copenhagen

Louise Bøttcher, University of Aarhus (DPU)

Marcus Wilmont, Royal Danish Academy

The 16 remaining participants were all awarded travel grants of 30.000 DKK, and will be travelling to investigate and gain new knowledge in 2024.

You can watch the three winning pitches here. And read more about the 19 finalists and their projects and pitches if you follow the link.

Travels and investigation

During 2024 the 19 winners will be travelling, to investigate their problem statements.

The 19 winners are visiting very different knowledge environments to answer the question: How do we create an inclusive society for all? As they are travelling and learning, they will be sharing their insights and and findings. 

You can see updates from their travels on our LinkedIn profile or see all details about the winners and their travels on their individual profile pages.

Announcement of the Bevica Scholarship Programme

Bevica Scholarship Alumni Network

All participants of the Bevica Scholarship Programme are invited to join the Bevica Scholarship Alumni. 

With Bevica Scholarship Alumni, we have created an Alumni Network to continue sharing knowledge and insights about universal design and Leave No One Behind, as well as a meeting space for you as former Bevica Scholarship participant.

As a member of the Alumni Network you will be invited to two yearly Alumni events: The Universal Design Summit in fall and a smaller Alumni networking event in the spring, as well as get news about and invitations to Bevica events. 

If you have questions about the Alumni or is a former Bevica Scholarship Programme participant and want to be part of the Alumni Network, reach out to René Sørensen Overby at rené@bevica.dk.

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If you want to host an information meeting at your institution, reach out to Marie Eiriksson at marie@bevica.dk.

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