Bevica Scholarship Programme

 How can we create an inclusive society for all?

Bevica Fonden invites students and lecturers at Danish universities, university colleges and design schools to take part in the Bevica Scholarship Programme. 

The programme supports innovative and bold thinkers to investigate how their profession can contribute to the development of universal design as a lever for the pledge in the Sustainable Development Goals to Leave No One Behind in the journey towards a more inclusive and sustainable society for all – regardless of ability.

Our society needs to be more inclusive in many areas and arenas. Products, environments, programmes, and services are designed for idealised average persons and use – supporting some and leaving others behind. 

This scholarship programme calls for multidisciplinary action, in the quest to acknowledge that living with different and changing abilities, permanent or temporary, is a human condition we all share, and that all aspects of our society should accommodate for this.

The primary aim of the Bevica Scholarship Programme is to inspire and encourage students and lecturers across all disciplines to acquire and create new research-based knowledge about Universal design as a lever for the pledge to Leave No One Behind in a Danish context. This new innovative knowledge can shed light on the current challenges facing society to secure full and equal inclusion for everyone, regardless of ability, in all aspects of daily life. Moreover, it will point to new ways and solutions to secure the pledge to Leave No One Behind in the sustainable journey towards Agenda 2030 and beyond.

Furthermore, the ambition of the scholarship is to stimulate an increase in teaching and curricula development within Universal design at Danish universities, design schools and university colleges.

The Bevica Scholarship Programme thus encourages passionate and talented students and lecturers from a wide range of disciplines – from social service professions and humanities to political sciences, law, IT, design and beyond – to engage in a joint quest to create a sustainable and inclusive society by embracing differences and leaving no one behind.

Under the Bevica Scholarship Programme, Bevica Fonden will send up to 15 students and up to five lecturers on an international journey of investigation to create new knowledge and innovative ideas.


Who can participate?

The Bevica Scholarship Programme offers two categories of participation:


Participating students must be enrolled as students at a Danish research-based university, university college or design school. To qualify for participation, students must have completed at least the 3rd semester of their education before February 2023.

Students from all disciplines can participate.


Participating lecturers must be employed at a Danish research-based university, university college, or design school.

To qualify for participation, one must be able to document active teaching activities within the past two years before February 2023.

Lecturers from all disciplines can participate.

When is it?

The Bevica Scholarship Programme runs every second year, with the first programme from autumn 2022 to autumn 2024.

Bevica Scholarship Programme 2025-26

Sign up for Bevica Scholarship Programme 2025-2026 will open summer of 2024.

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Bevica Scholarship Programme 2023-24

The first Bevica Scholarship Programme was launched in autumn 2022. Here you can get an insight into what the process was like.

The participants participated in workshops, online modules and meetings.

On this page you can learn more about the activities that comes with participating in the Bevica Scholarship Programme, and learn more about the winning projects and how the winners are spending their prizes.

Winners 2023-2024

At a grand award ceremony in October 2023, 19 finalists picthed their projects to the international jury.

The jury and audience were impressed by the ambitious and diverse projects that the 19 finalists presented

The shortlisted participants have been selected on Project Proposals exploring new and innovative ways to answer the central question: “How can we create an inclusive society for all?”

The shortlisted participants represent a wide range of professions and academic fields and were selected by the International jury. 

Bevica Scholarship Logo

International jury

The jury for the Bevica Scholarship Programme consists of recognised experts from research or practice within the core themes of the Bevica Scholarship Programme: Universal design, Leave No One Behind, inclusion, disability, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The chairman of the jury is Thomas Sinkjær, and PhD, Chairman of the Bevica Foundation Board Board, Professor at the Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University, and Secretary General of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.

Join us on the journey to equality