Bevica Scholarship Programme 2023-2024 Finalists

Lecturers pitching at the symposium

We are honored to have received Project Proposals from such a varied and interesting field. In the end the Jury have chosen 6 lecturers that will get the chance to pitch their projects at the Symposium and Award Ceremony on 4 October 2023.

Alessandro Canossa

PROJECT: “ACCESSIBILITY BY DESIGN” for Interaction and Game Design Educations: Beyond Checklists And Guidelines

Visual Design

Royal Danish Academy

Kristoffer Negendahl

PROJECT: Counting Everyone In: Unveiling How Numbers Can Foster Inclusion and Universality in Civil Engineering

Design & Processes

Technical University of Denmark

Louise Bøttcher

PROJECT: Universal Design for Learning through design of multiple student pathways


Future technologies, culture and learning

University of Aarhus/DPU

Marcus A. Wilmont

PROJECT: Dichotomies of Fashion



Fashion, clothing and textile

Royal Danish Academy

Mikkel Hjort

PROJECT: How to integrate Universal Design in the design process


Landscape Architecture

Royal Danish Academy

Ole B. Jensen

PROJECT: Toronto Tokyo Transfers (3T)


Architecture, Design and Media Technology

University of Aalborg

Students pitching at the symposium

The participating students have been from a very wide field and have brought great energy and knowledge to the Scholarship process. 

In the end the Jury have chosen 13 students for the shortlist, that will get the chance to pitch their projects at the Symposium and Award Ceremony on 4 October 2023.

Alberto Benito Pontes

PROJECT: Universal Design for Board Games

Technology Entrepreneurship

Technical University of Denmark

Aleksandra Mostovaja

PROJECT: Advancing Spatial Equity Through AI: A Study of Universal Design Principles in the Public Sphere


Royal Danish Academy

Daura van Vuuren

PROJECT: Universal Design Enabling Disability-Inclusive Climate
Action in Denmark

Climate Change: Impacts, Mitigation and Adaption

University of Copenhagen

Emma K. Forbæk Doolan

PROJECT: An Honourable Elderhood

Furniture Design

Royal Danish Academy

Frida Landau Lomholt

PROJECT: Inclusive atmospheres in cultural thresholds

Furniture design, space and material

Royal Danish Academy

Georgina Jánoki

PROJECT: Opening Doors to All: Promoting Inclusivity in the Tourism Industry

Technology Entrepreneurship

Technical University of Denmark

Katja Terzic

PROJECT: Trauma-Informed Designs for socially vulnerable children and youth

Landscape architecture

University of Copenhagen

Marco Sidoli

PROJECT: Design an inclusive kitchen for all


Social Design

Design School Kolding

Marek Kuźmiński 

PROJECT: Fostering empathy and Inclusivity through Universal Design: Nurturing Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence in children with congenital upper limbs amputation

Industrial Design

Design School Kolding

Mariagiulia Sardu

PROJECT: Play and education for all children: investigating the use of a play-based approach to support inclusion in schools, regardless of abilities

Design for Play

Design School Kolding

Sandra Baum

PROJECT: Introducing the human element: Using the Universal Design paradigm to mitigate Selection Bias in Medical AI datasets

Computer Science

IT-University Copenhagen

Tom Silbiger

PROJECT: Personalised Universal Design

Political Architecture

Royal Danish Academy

Viktória Pál

PROJECT: Leave no one behind in education


University of Copenhagen