Introduction Package

This Introduction Package serves as a basic introduction to the core objectives of this year’s Bevica Scholarship call: Universal Design, Being Human and Leave No One Behind.

The Package consists of six key references: two texts, two webpages and two videos.

Before we meet at the Ideation Workshop on February 11, you are expected to be familiarized with the references of the Introduction Package.

This will ensure a common knowledge base for all participants and as a basic framework for understanding, discussion and preliminary ideation of your individual project proposals.

We strive to be accessible.

If you experience difficulties using the website or accessing the materials, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Universal design – introduction to a design principle that challenges the idea of being human

Reference: Ryhl, Camilla, Eiriksson, Marie, Overby Sørensen, René (2021) Universal design – introduction to a design principle that challenges the idea of being human. Universal Design Hub – Bevica Fonden.

Format: Text

Keywords: Concept, Principles, Goals, History, Ron Mace

Work load: 6 pages

Description: This article introduces the concept of Universal Design – its origins, scientific context, and application. It introduces the 7 key principles and 8 goals of Universal Design and exemplifies how they might be addressed in different areas of society.



Two circles illustrating Universal design and accessibility

Beginnings: Conceptualising disability in a global world

Reference: Goodley, Dan (2016) Beginnings: Conceptualising disability in a global world. In: Disability studies: An interdisciplinary introduction. Sage Publications. Chapter 1.

Format: Text, ebook

Keywords: Disability Studies, Politics, Disabled People’s Movement, Perspectives on disability 

Work load: 26 pages

Description: This book chapter examines a varied range of theories and perspectives on disability and engages with present discussions in the field of Disability Studies. Goodley’s text encourages readers using thought-provoking questions, exercises, and activities for students and researchers across disciplines.

Link: Individual links to the e-book have been sent via email.


The 17 Goals

Reference: United Nations (2023) The 17 Goals.

Format: Webpage

Keywords: 2030 Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals, History, General Framework

Work load: 2 pages

Description: This webpage serves as a digital learning site for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It outlines the general history and organisation of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. In addition, the webpage links to elaborate numbers, figures, and reports on the implementation progress of the 17 SDGs on an international level.



Leave No One Behind

Reference: United Nations (2022) Leave No One Behind

Format: Webpage

Keywords: Pledge, Commitment, Responsibility, Reach the furthest behind first

Work load: 1 page

Description: This webpage documents how the 193 United Nation Member States of the 2030 Agenda have committed to Leave No One Behind in their implementation of the SDGs. Moreover, it stresses how Member Stats will “endeavour to reach the furthest behind first” from an essential recognition of how “the dignity of the human person is fundamental”.


Universal design and Leave No One Behind

Reference: Ryhl, Camilla (2022) Universal design and Leave No One Behind. Universal Design Hub – Bevica Fonden.

Format: Video (speak in Danish, captions in English)

Keywords: Concept, History, View of humanity, Sustainable Development Goals, Disability

Work load: 14 minutes

Description: This video is an introduction to the concept of Universal Design. It explores the history of the concept, provides examples of its application, and clarifies how Universal Design can work as a lever for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



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SDGs and Universal Design

Reference: Wandel, Jens. (2022) SDGs and Universal Design. Universal Design Hub – Bevica Fonden.

Format: Video (speak in English, captions in English)

Keywords: UN, Sustainable development, Sustainable Development Goals, Human agency, Disability

Work load: 18 minutes

Description: In this video, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are broken down into 4 aspects of our lives. The video discusses sustainability, Universal Design and the Leave No One Behind agenda, and how they are all connected.



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